Friday, March 1, 2013


Long story, but I posted a bad link on and it's going to take me a while to fix it and post a better one there. So in the meantime, just in case: Menus at the New York Public Library (This is an incredibly fun site to browse if you're interested in food and history.)

I'm having far too entertaining a time writing Doctor Who fanfiction. I suppose it's good that I'm enjoying writing in any way, shape, or form, and I should just be happy about that. But it does mean that I ought to start looking for a serious job. If what I need to write needs to be free, then I need to also figure out some way to eat. In three months, R finishes school and both of us are set free. In my case, for the first time in decades, my job doesn't need to be boundaried by his school being my first and foremost responsibility. In his case, the future awaits. Whee. Sort of. Change is always both exciting and scary, and this sort of change is about the biggest there is. I think it'll be ... interesting ... for both of us. Also, I think I'll pour myself another glass of wine before thinking any more about it.

Random other note: Amanda Palmer's TED talk? Crazy beautiful. Also scary. I am not that brave. Just...not.

Edit: It amuses me that I used "free" to mean both without cost and without responsibility. They're both different and yet not.


  1. I'll have to listen to that ted talk when I go home. Work won't let me do such things. It sucks having a j.o.b. even though I have one of the easiest in the world. Still - a set time where I have to be a set place and do things I don't necessarily want to do.
    Doctor Who fanfic, huh? That does sound like fun.

  2. I know this makes me weird, but I've generally quite liked working. I like the sense of achievement you get when you finish something good, even when it's minor, and the sense of satisfaction when you help people. And it's good for me to have people and a reason to get out of the house! I still have about eighteen months left of my planned time when I was supposed to be in grad school before getting a job becomes dramatically urgent, but eventually I'm going to need an income.

  3. time or money, most of us have to choose which we want. I have chosen time, but it would be really nice to have both. What name did you put your fan fiction in? Or is it a secret?

  4. Oh, not at all. It's Wyndes, and here's a link:

    And if you ever forget the name or want to re-find it easily, the Find Me tab at the top of the page includes a link to my fanfiction page, my fictionpress page, some other stuff. I don't want to lose my comment by looking, but maybe twitter and facebook?

  5. Thanks Sarah, not sure what you mean by other stuff? I like reading other stuff if it is what I think.
    also I don't see a findme button only a search which brings up the link you pasted. Maybe because I am not logged in. I will have a look at some of your stories after work today.

  6. My blog (assuming that you're not using a mobile device? I don't know what it looks like if you do) should have five clickable links in a bar across the top. The links take you to the other pages on the site: the first is Home, which is the blog. The next one is QIFLA, which is a Q & A page. Then there's a page for the two books, and finally a Find Me, which lists ways to contact me or find me, including fanfiction, fictionpress, twitter, facebook, and an email address for my mailing list. Nothing too exciting! If you're looking at it in an RSS feed, you won't see those buttons, of course, but if you're actually at the site, they should be there.

  7. friend requested you on fb as MSJudy Long.
    I also like reading other stuff it is what I think and I didn't find a link to it under find me.
    BTW both you and Catsongea would probably enjoy Lisa Kleypas's Crystal Cove. I just finished it and was blown away. It is an intensely beautiful, steamy love story with a witch as the heroine and a man without a soul as the hero. Amazing.

  8. I didn't mean to sound as if I had other interesting things posted under the Find Me, honestly. I just couldn't remember what was there, whether I had a Pinterest link or Wattpad or Livejournal or what. I'm prone to trying out the new stuff and then not sticking with it, and I made that page a while ago.