Friday, March 2, 2012

Today is the free day

I was not terribly specific on my last post: today, March 2nd, is the final free day for A Gift of Ghosts. If you haven't reviewed it, today would be a great day to post a review. Or if there are people you'd recommend it to, again, today would be a good day. I'm at school all day, with two presentations, treatment plans, clients -- it's going to be a long day. It'd be nice to come home to a successful book giveaway!

I admit, though, I have low expectations. The problem with needing to use the day before my time ran out is that this week was/is midterms. I spent my time much more focused on school than on making sure the free book sites knew there was one more free book in the daily thousands of freebies. C'est la vie. It seems to me -- anecdotally, at least -- that people who get the book for free are much less likely to ever read it. It just sits on their Kindles, invisible amongst the multitude of other freebies. So I'm not going to feel badly about my own laziness, even if I have wasted the day.


  1. Hi Sarah, I am a reader in New Zealand (with a US credit card - expanding the list of books I can purchase). I got your book free, read it, loved it. I hope you write more.
    There is a world beyond the USA that can not get your books for .99 cents on itunes. I have a hard limit on ebooks of $10, and try to get books around $5. I buy on Amazon. I also won't buy a book if the paper price is the same as the ebook price as that just strikes me as wrong somehow.
    Paper books over in N.Z. are around $30 (NZ dollars) each. Ebooks are a joy to me.
    Best wishes with your studies. Carol

  2. Hi, Carol,
    Thanks so much for your note! I'm glad you enjoyed Ghosts. I'm about 40,000 words into Thought, so yes, definitely writing more (and still hoping to have it finished by June!). As for pricing, my original price was $3.50 because it's just about the price of a cup of coffee and I liked the idea that I was telling someone a story for a cup of coffee--my ebook prices will always stay around that price, I think. Paper's going to be a lot more expensive, though, because it costs so much more to make -- and I totally agree with you that ebook prices shouldn't be the same as paper!