Monday, March 5, 2012

In the middle of the night...

The dog is driving me insane.


I have no idea what her problem is, why she won't settle down, why she wants to go outside yet again at 2:30 when she was last out at midnight, why she insists on wandering the house with a click-clack of tiny claws on the floor.

And I can't settle either. The bed isn't comfortable, I wish I'd done laundry, no pillow feels exactly right and somehow my heart is racing as if I had too much caffeine. I didn't, though. Sushi dinner at Arigato -- no caffeine involved. I didn't even have chocolate for dessert.

So I let the dog out and I flip open the iPad. I'll play a little Pocket Frogs while I wait for the dog to be finished. But first, yes, I will check the Amazon ranking for Ghosts, because it was at 20 on the Books > Romance > Fantasy & Futuristic list when I first tried to go to sleep at 10 PM and even though it's probably dropped off, looking at it on the very first page of the list is gratifying. That's a book list, not even an e-book list.

And then, yeah, this...