Friday, April 6, 2012

A Gift of Thought

Have I finished writing the book? No. Should I really do that? Yes. But meanwhile, here's my current winner on the cover.

I'll want to add a blurb, once I finish writing the book and someone says something meaningful about it, but I think this cover walks a fine balance between connecting the book with A Gift of Ghosts, using color to emphasize the lightness, but also making it clear that this book is rather more of a thriller. The image is actually Union Station in Washington which -- if you're reading along on fiction press -- you'll know is a location used in the story. But even without knowing that, the columns say DC and a lot of the book is set there. And I liked the skew of the columns -- it fits the fact that it's a weird little story!

Hmm, it occurs to me that I don't know how easy it is to find me on fiction press. I mean, it's easy for me. But easy for anyone else? Well, here's a link if you feel like reading a rough draft in slow-motion: A Gift of Thought. If you do read it, leaving me reviews honestly does motivate me to write faster. Yes, it's a terrible external locus of validation problem but part of the fun of writing is knowing that other people are having fun reading!

Once I finish writing, I'll take the story down, so if you're reading this post in May or so and the link doesn't work, that's why.

Cover note: a small border around the background photo is really essential to give it proper definition. Without the border, the photo sort of floats and looks unfinished. The border's not even noticeable except in its absence.


  1. I've been reading along as you post additional chapters, and I'm loving it.

    It also makes me grumpy. How can you be so good at firing off first-draft chapters that read like they're polished final-drafts? Grrr.

    Back to struggling with my own story. {Shakes fist in the air} Curse you, Sarah!

    Just kidding. {Big Hug} What's the writer's equivalent to 'break a leg'?

  2. Ha! I'm constantly thinking of things I need to go back and fix. I do like to write fast, though -- when I slow down and start to self-edit, I get stuck very quickly. At the moment, I'm trying to wrap up the semester and not writing at all which is making me angsty, but I'm really hoping to get back to it after next week. (Technically two weeks until finals are through but my big projects are due next week.)