Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This is sort of silly, but somehow, the borrowed numbers on Amazon are thrilling. Currently, 31 people have borrowed Ghosts. I want to rush up to all of them (except me) and shake them and say, do you realize you can only borrow ONE book a month? ONE! One book!! The people who buy it, eh, let's be real: it's priced at $3.50 and for most people that's a coffee, it's no big deal. But the borrowers have selected this book--my book!--to be their only book for the month. Okay, so yeah, it's free, that means they've actually literally invested less than the people who have purchased it. But at the same time, it feels as if their investment--the ONE book! for the WHOLE month!--is actually really exciting.

But I bet there's some macroeconomics rule that make my enthusiasm pointless.

Macroeconomics takes all the fun out of life.


  1. I continue to be amused that my review is still the first one showing on Amazon.

    Oh, and YOU GO GIRL!

  2. LOL, I admit, I asked friends to mark your review as most helpful. I didn't really want to write a longer blurb and your review is both lovely and informative, so it's the one I wanted to have at the top. (I hope that sounds pragmatic of me, and not manipulative. Maybe it's a little of both?)

    And thank you! The writing is going terribly, unfortunately -- I can't seem to turn off editor brain and I keep writing the same 200 words over and over -- so I should really stop watching Ghosts and focus on Thoughts, but it's fun to know that people are reading.